While employers make a good faith effort to comply with employment laws, the constantly-evolving and complicated nature of these laws makes them difficult to navigate.  Shivani Sutaria Law Offices ensures employers are educated on and are proactively complying with applicable California and federal employment laws, offers them strategic and business-savvy legal advice and counsel, and develops customized HR policies, documents and contracts - all of which are critical strategies in preventing legal disputes. We offer the following preventive employment law services: 

Advice and Counseling:  Shivani Sutaria Law Offices possesses the experience and expertise to understand, evaluate and advise on a wide array of workplace issues, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, wage and hour (overtime, meal and rest breaks), reasonable accommodations, leaves of absence, performance and termination concerns, and employee classification (independent contractor/employee and exempt/nonexempt). We always provide straight-forward employment law advice and counsel as well as practical solutions to employers’ specific needs and concerns.  


Developing Employment Documents: Shivani Sutaria Law Offices also works with employers to develop customized personnel documents, which are absolutely essential in minimizing misunderstandings and preventing legal disputes.   These legal documents allow employers to communicate their policies and expectations.  Shivani Sutaria Law Offices works with employers to develop employee handbooks, policies, offer and termination letters, independent contractor agreements, commission contracts, performance write-ups, standards of conduct, at-will statements, and severance agreements and general releases. 


Auditing Practices and Policies: Another critical preventive tool for employers is the workplace audit, which allows for the review and assessment of HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.  Shivani Sutaria Law Offices conducts audits on employers’ policies and procedures, followed by providing recommendations on how our clients can comply with the law and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their HR processes.  




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